Stand Alone Conference of the American Society of Naturalists

Asilomar Conference Grounds, Pacific Grove, California, 5-9 January 2018

Evening Activities

Friday evening, 6 January 2018

The Editors of The American Naturalist Celebrate 150 Years

7:30 PM in the Chapel

Welcome Reception Bonfire

8:30 PM at the BBQ Area & Fire Pit

Saturday evening, 6 January 2018

Presidential Debate

7:30 PM in the Chapel

Resolved: Evolutionary history can tell us little about the functioning of ecological communities today.

Arguing for: Dr. Margaret Mayfield, University of Queensland & Dr. Anthony Ives, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Arguing against: Dr. Jennifer Lau, Michigan State University & Dr. Joseph Tobias, Imperial College London.

Organized by ASN President Sharon Strauss

Posters & Mixer

8:30 PM in the Chapel

Sunday evening, 7 January 2018

American Naturalist Editorial Board Meeting

7:00 PM in Marlin

Natural History Trivia & Karaoke Talks

7:30 PM in the Chapel

Organized by the ASN Graduate Student Council

Think you know natural history? Come compete for the gold at Natural History Trivia Night! This will be a pub-style trivia night with teams of 4-5 people testing their knowledge! Topics will range from famous scientists to biogeography to bird calls and strange animals behaviors! We are looking for 5 teams to sign up ahead of time, and we are also soliciting trivia questions! Additionally, in between rounds of trivia, we will have karaoke talks! To sign up a trivia team, give a karaoke talk, or give a trivia question suggestion, send an email to asngrads@gmail.com.

Monday evening, 8 January 2018

150th Celebration of The American Naturalist Bonfire Mixer

7:30 PM at the BBQ Area & Fire Pit